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SEC Filings

Annual Stockholder Meeting


Sid Toama

Chief Executive Officer & President, TMG

Erica Naidrich

Chief Financial Officer, TMG

Board of Directors

Randall Miles

Chairman of the Board and Director, TMG

Marty Pompadur

Director, TMG

Sid Toama

Chief Executive Officer & President, TMG

Thomas Ochocki

Director, TMG

Sabrina Yang

Director, TMG

Wendy Parker

Director, TMG

Grant Lyon

Director, TMG

Jeffrey Stein

Director, TMG

Corporate Governance

This site provides key information about our corporate governance practices. These practices provide a framework for the proper operation of our company, consistent with our shareholders’ best interests and the requirements of law. Troika Media Group is committed to managing our affairs consistent with the highest principles of business ethics and corporate governance requirements of both federal law, including the following:

Corporate Code of Conduct open_in_new

Unlawful Insider Trading open_in_new

Troika Audit Committee Charter open_in_new

Troika Audit Committee Charter open_in_new

Compensation Committee Charter open_in_new

Nominating Committee Charter open_in_new

Whistleblower Policy open_in_new

Foreign Corrupt Practices Policy open_in_new

A majority of our Board members are independent of Troika Media Group and its management.

All members of our key Board committees — the Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, and the Nominating and Governance Committee — are independent.

We have a clear code of business conduct to which all employees, officers and directors must adhere.

The charters of our Board committees clearly establish their respective roles and responsibilities.

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